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Kendall Fuhrman Sexy

Coronavirus could be the beginning of the end for travel influencers after a woman who once took showers with elephants and posted videos with 18 millions views is forced to put her dreams on hold and move back in with her parents.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendall.fuhrman/

Entrepreneur and marketing consultant, Kendall Fuhrman (24) from Huntington Beach, Kalifornië, VSA, landed a respectable job as a director of marketing immediately following her university graduation. Maar, just a few months later, the business-savvy millennial quit her job and headed to Bali, Indonesië. sedertdien, Kendall’s TikTok posts of her new Indonesian lifestyle have garnered over 18M views. From swinging several hundred feet above Bali’s famous rice terraces, to showering with elephants, to swimming with dolphins. Kendall’s Bali adventure is a far cry from her previous nine-to-five office job. That’s not all though. Kendall has also visited New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Hawaii, Santorini, Botswana, and Paris. Whilst her lifestyle may seem luxurious and the subject of intense envy, Kendall claims that isn’t the case at all. Rent on a villa costs Kendall just $ 300 a month. Alternatively, a night in a stunning hotel would set you back by just $ 20.

Kendall’s newest business venture, Dreamer and Doers Club, aims to promote this kind of entrepreneurial thinking in other young women. Maar, Kendall is currently back home in California as the COVID-19 outbreak has put a halt on her new lifestyle. The Bali dream has temporarily ended but Kendall is using the downtime to relax, read, and develop her brand. Travelling may no longer be on the cards, but Kendall still hopes to inspire others through this new venture and age of influencing.