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Pornstars are now doing live sex shows


I know you guys all love thefappnening and why wouldn’t you? It’s a great site to say the least and the best way to make sure you’re among the first ones to see your favourite celebrity naked. While you’re waiting for the next Scarlett Johanson nude pictures allow me to tell you a couple of things about type of celebrities, yes, talking about pornstars.

Porn movies and pornstars started getting famous around the ‘70s and since then the adult industry has known a significant growth. Today, porn movies and pornstars are no longer as tabu as they used to be. Today adult actors and adult sites are both present in mainstream media and sites like pornhub have enjoyed enormous success, managing to advertise in movies like Don Jon or on SFW(safe for work) billboards like the one from Times Square. Pornstars are also more popular than ever, they’re invited to give television and radio interview, host events and so on.

For a while now, they also started doing live sex shows on popular cam sites like fapshows.com, a site that is well known for hosting amateur girls that broadcast from their homes. It’s true that the events are somehow isolated for now, meaning that there are no daily broadcasts of pornstars in live shows, but the event is starting to get a lot of exposure, especially with the help of social media. Pornstars like Lisa Ann and other have already done several live shows which have been received extremely well by their respective fans.

Ben Jasper, the program manager for fapshows admits that the response from the site’s members has been extremely positive. To be honest, I’m not at surprised, considering Lisa Ann, retired as of 15th of Dec 2014, is one of the hottest porn stars of all time. Jasper confirmed that FapShows will invite pornstars to broadcast live in 2015 as well, on a weekly basis.