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Miley Cyrus Sexy (81 Pics + Video)

Singer Miley Cyrus presented a new provocative video called “Mother’s Daughter,” in which she appeared in a red latex costume. The music video gained 5.7 million views in less than 24 hours.

The composition was co-authored with the Finnish singer and co-writer Alma. Miley Cyrus appears in the video in several provocative images – including in a metal bra, in a suit with a metal overlay on the intimate place.

The video also features the singer’s mother, Tish Cyrus, as well as transsexuals and women’s rights activists.

The video features several bold fashion statements and a diverse lineup of empowering cameos, including Tish, for whom the song is titled. The video opens with the words ‘EVERY WOMAN IS A RIOT’ and Miley dancing in a red latex catsuit. Sexy shots of Miley are then mixed with some bizarre visuals, including a set of braced teeth chewing gum and the pointed ends of two balloons rubbing together.

The video, which also sees Miley fondling herself several times, features several cameo appearances. The first cameo is Angelina Duplisea, a plus-sized model and actress lying naked on a fainting couch while fanning herself. Amazon Ashley, the 6ft 7in dancer who’s toured with Miley in the past, strikes a pose in a neon, black and gold singlet with a World Wrestling Champ belt.

The next appearance is that of Mari Copeney, a young activist known as Little Miss Flint for her efforts to improve the Flint water crisis. She takes a hero pose, dressed in blue spandex with a red cape and a gold painted eye mask. Next up is Melanie Sierra, a dancer, songwriter and activist, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a floral Virgin Mary-style crown as she nurses her baby.

The words ‘TOUGH TITTIES’ then flash on the screen as Miley approaches beautifully bald model Vendela, who dons a set of clear plastic and nude colored kink-wear with a matching dog collar. Trans and differently-abled model Aaron Phillips then rolls on in her electric wheelchair, rocking a fierce look complete with white fur and a blonde bob. Trans model Casil McArthur then shows off his trim physique, sporting only some silver chains and a pair of green striped pants, before smearing lipstick across his face. Dancer and choreographer Paige Fralix then appears topless in jeans, with a floral crown and the words ‘I AM FREE’ painted on her torso. Miley then snuggles up to her mum Tish on a couch as they both sport matching Chanel outfits.

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